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Logo design

Oceania Select is a Melbourne based seafood company with Japanese heritage. Established in 1983, the family business was looking to refresh their brand aiming to a younger generation and for the launching of their online delivery service business.

To avoid creating another stereotype fish logo, a shrimp was chosen because it is Australian's second favourite seafood. The new logo promoted a bold design alongside a bright colour palette to capture the younger audience’s attention. As well as standing out from the traditional blue logos for seafood businesses.

Client: Oceania Select

Year: 2017

Logo concept

Extracted the letter O from Oceania as the background along with a shrimp drawn in S shape to represent initial S for Select.

Texture and shadow in detail

Letter O from Oceania as the background plus Japanese 'Umi' written like moving waves. 'Umi' means wave in Japanese

Wave background in O shape to represent the initial O from Oceania, along with a hand drawn shrimp in S shape to represent the initial S for Select. 

Other concepts

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